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地区,除了联邦和州law, requires the board to review the boundaries of the seven electoral districts established pursuant to Section 7.7 before November 1 of the year following the year in which each decennial census is taken. The boundaries shall be adjusted if needed in accordance with Section 22000 of the Elections Code so that each electoral Santa Clara Valley Water District Act district is as nearly equal in population to the others as possible. Adjustment of electoral districts is usually accomplished through the completion of a redistricting study, to ensure that each modified district meets the one-person, one-vote test, and to ensure compliance with the federal Voting Rights Act. To assist with the completion of a redistricting study in an inclusive, transparent, and comprehensive manner, and in order to garner community input on redistricting, the Board of Directors established a Redistricting Advisory Committee. The committee is comprised of seven community leaders from throughout Santa Clara County.

For more information on Valley Water's redistricting process, or to provide input, please contact Don Rocha, Deputy Administrative Officer at[电子邮件受保护]或(408)630-2338。

To share your ideas and feedback about the Redistricting process, you can also visit our online engagement siteBe Heard Valley Water.

Redistricting Timeline


Redistricting Advisory Committee Members

To assist with the completion of a redistricting study in an inclusive, transparent, and comprehensive manner, and in order to garner community input on redistricting, the Board of Directors established a Redistricting Advisory Committee (Committee). The Committee consists of seven members, with each Board member appointing one member.

Below are the members of the public who have been selected to lead the redistricting effort for the Valley Water Board of Directors.

District 1

Swanee Edwards.

Swanee Edwards.


爱德华兹bec女士ame involved in the Democratic Party in Santa Clara County in 1995. She is active in Morgan Hill as a member of the Morgan Hill Community Foundation, AAUW, and graduated in the Leadership Morgan Hill Class of 2013. Awarded Volunteer of the Year in 2019 for Valley Water and became a Valley Water Ambassador in the same year.

Edwards女士于2016年由监督员Mike Wasserman委任给圣克拉拉县选举委员会,仍然是当今的职位。委员会的最高问题之一是重新分配。


Emilie Gatfield
政治顾问(由董事Barbara Keegan提名)

Emilie Gatfield is a political consultant, specializing in connecting clients with support from community groups and organizations. Ms. Gatfield began her professional career in accounting, working in the legal and manufacturing sectors, before transitioning into the non-profit sector. Within the non-profit sector, her work encompassed training, administration, and fundraising, always with a focus on meeting the needs of low-income communities. Since beginning to work independently, Ms. Gatfield has worked extensively with organized labor and neighborhood groups.



Penitencia邻里协会主席(由董事Richard Santos提名)的Reteree

迈克尔克劳勒斯was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri. Michael attended college at the University of Illinois – Chicago. Upon graduating with a BSEE, Michael moved to San Jose, CA and began his professional career at the Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, focusing on technical solutions, Subcontracts and Program Management, retiring in 2014. Michael is the president of the Penitencia Neighborhood Association and has been actively involved in the community since 2013. Accomplishments for Michael include but not limited to: City of San Jose Commendation, RLEI - Neighborhood Champion, California Legislature Assembly Community Hero, California State Senate Community Certificate of Recognition and UNSCC and Catholic Charity Penitencia Neighborhood Association Award.


Michael Gross

自1979年以来,毛皮先生在废物和回收行业中,当他仍然在高中时,他开始自己的垃圾收集公司。2011年,毛皮先生被命名为Greenwaste和Zanker家族的可持续发展总监。这一职位使他能够协调和制度跨部门和业务关系的可持续发展努力。他专注于温室 - 气体排放减少,采购机会,C&D转移机会,废物管理和回收替代品和营销。他提供领导能够实现公司的环境目标,倡导废物行业的转型,并与社会合作,将可持续性整合到日常生活中。毛刺师先生是回收认证研究所的董事会成员,圣诞老人访问Alviso基金会和遗产Alviso基金会。


Professor, West Valley College (nominated by Director Nai Hsueh)

霍华德米勒moved to Santa Clara County in 1985 and Saratoga in 1993 and, with his wife, raised 5 kids. He is named on 20 patents, retired from Apple in 2016 and is currently a Professor at West Valley College. He holds a BS in Engineering from Cal Poly and a MS in Computer Science from Stanford. He was elected to the Saratoga City Council in 2008, 2012 and 2016. Mayor in 2011, 2015 and 2020. He served on regional agencies, notably: VTA Policy Advisory Committee for 11 years; VTA HWY 85 committee 4 years; Silicon Valley Clean Energy board for 4 years; West Valley Solid Waste JPA for 5 years. Prior to public office, he held various board positions in the Saratoga Soccer AYSO; On the SUSD Technology committee; Assistant Scout Master; The Kevin Moran Park Taskforce; among others. Howard has always been involved in his community.


阿尔弗雷多M. Morales.

Mr. Morales was born and raised in San Jose and attended schools in Eastside San Jose. He graduated from Santa Clara University in 1972 and from UC Berkeley Law School in 1975. He is licensed to practice law in the State of California, the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and the United States Supreme Court. He is a principal in the firm of Morales Leaños. Mr. Morales’ firm handles criminal defense, civil rights and personal injury cases.



Vaishali (Shali) Sirkay
Vice President & Program Director, Peninsula Democratic Coalition (nominated by Vice Chair Gary Kremen)



Redistricting Guidelines and Procedures


In establishing the Committee, the Board of Directors adopted the following guidelines:

  1. Comply with all the applicable laws, including the avoidance of gerrymandering.
  2. Equalize the population count in each district within 5-7%.
  3. 尽量减少投票的稀释,避免少数群体和弱势社区的破碎或过度压实。
  4. 在尽可能让邻里协会中保持在选举区内的凝聚社区。
  5. Avoid moving current elected Valley Water Board members out of their districts.
  6. To the extent possible, recognize the importance of parks, creeks and public facilities in districts.
  7. To the extent possible, provide income diversity within electoral districts.
  8. 努力平衡地区利益与县外的利益,但不适用于个人区。
  9. 确保少数群体和弱势社区有机会参与重新划分过程,包括及时和有意义的评论的特定机会.

Redistricting Advisory Committee Operating Guidelines, Direction and Procedures


  1. 除了董事会为重新分发过程建立的标准外,委员会应遵循所有适用的联邦和州法律。yabo200
  2. The Committee, through its public discussions, shall provide the sole and only direction to Valley Water staff and supporting consultants for any and all changes to the redistricting maps under consideration by the Committee.
  3. The Committee shall consider all maps created by any member of the public through the public participation process.
  4. 委员会应确保公众开放/访问所有会议。
  5. The Committee may establish subcommittees, as needed, for specific activities or goals. These meetings shall be open to the public.
  6. The Committee will be subject to the requirements of the Ralph M. Brown Act.
  7. As a standing Committee meeting agenda item, the Committee members shall disclose any and all conversations with any parties, internal or external of the Valley Water District, including the name or names of the parties and the contents of communication, whether verbal or written, regarding Valley Water District redistricting.
  8. 关于重新发行的所有电子邮件,信件,电话呼叫和其他官方通信将被记录,并将作为每个议程的一部分向委员会提供副本。
  9. 谷谷员工或董事会没有成员应试图影响委员会,而委员会从事将导致地图或地图yabo200被送往董事会董事会的地图,以供其考虑和审议。

Next Redistricting Committee Meeting (Zoom Link)



Redistricting Meeting Schedule, Agenda and Minutes

Meeting Information:

Redistricting Advisory Committee Meetings
2022年1月12日 Map Drafting Meeting #2 议程
December 1, 2021 Map Drafting Meeting #1 议程 Minutes
November 3, 2021 2区的外展会议#7 议程 Minutes
10月27日,2021年 2区的外展会议#6 议程 Minutes
10月20日,2021年 3区的外展会议#5 议程 Minutes
October 13, 2021 Outreach Meeting #4 for District 4 议程 Minutes
10月5日,2021年 Outreach Meeting #3 for District 5 议程 Minutes
2021年9月29日 2区的外展会议#2 议程 Minutes
September 22, 2021 2区的外展会议#1 议程 Minutes
September 15, 2021 Census Data Release Meeting with presentation to RAC on existing districts and new populations 议程 Minutes


议程 Minutes
July 14, 2021 Training Session #2 议程 Minutes
2021年6月23日 Training Session #1 议程 Minutes
2021年4月20日 委员会导向 议程 Minutes
Board Meetings
2021年5月25日 Approval of the Nomination of Ms. Swanee Edwards 议程
January 26, 2021 批准重新划分委员会提名,指南,程序和第一次会议议程


December 8, 2020 会议 - 在2020年人口普查后所需的全县重新利用过程 议程

To access the recordings, please contact Glenna Brambill at[电子邮件受保护].

Redistricting Maps - Current Maps

Current District Boundaries:


Find your District通过输入您的地址进入山谷水当地信息地图.


District 1







Redistricting地图 - 草稿地图

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